Staff Testimonials

Nas - Head of Sales

I have been with Protect Line for just over 4 years and I can honestly say that I’ve never worked in a business like it. I mean this as a compliment. It’s fast paced, challenging, engaging and rewarding. While the business has seen significant growth since its inception, it prides itself in maintaining a people centric culture, which in this day and age is refreshing and inspiring.

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Sophie - Recruitment Manager

My favourite thing about the company is the people and the culture that has been created as a result, which starts at the top level Directors and is seen throughout the management team and all staff. It is refreshing to work with driven, like minded people and feel like you are working towards the same goal. Having said that the work hard, play hard attitude means we have fun here too!

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Jeremy - Senior Executive

My progression as Protect Line has been quicker than I had hoped for. I have recently moved up to a Senior Executive position which provides me with great perks such as a higher basic salary, car allowance, 2 brand new suits per year, and a cleaner that comes to our flat once a week! I couldn’t believe that would possible as a my previous jobs you would pick up your basic salary and qualify for a bonus (if you were lucky!).

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