About Protect Line

Recruiting for who you are, not what you are or where you’ve been

We believe that the key to success and creating the best possible outcomes for our customers stems from what we believe and how we behave, in every moment of every day.

Skills can be learned, but the quality of the person cannot. That is the brilliance of being you – you are unique and we welcome your individuality, character and personality.

We take a unique approach to our hiring process – our recruitment team are internal and understand our business inside and out, so we can take a much broader approach to hiring than relying on third parties.

Yes, we may have set job roles and require certain skills, but we are not limited or constrained by this. If you believe YOU can make a difference in our business, we want to hear from you, even if there isn’t a role that exists for you quite yet.

We meet you first and then we assess if you’re a good match for our business, and likewise want you to feel comfortable and certain that you’re a good match for us.

Speak with our recruitment team today and see where Protect Line could take your career.

Sophie Nutley

Sophie Nutley
Recruitment Manager

Lucy Moore

Lucy Moore
Recruitment Consultant