Jeremy – Senior Executive

Since working for Protect Line I initially faced the challenge of working in such a high paced environment, after working in the corporate world of insurance for 5 years previously this was something quite different. I have adapted to that change now and thrive on the dynamic way in which we work to provide protection to families that need it the most.

My progression as Protect Line has been quicker than I had hoped for. I have recently moved up to a Senior Executive position which provides me with great perks such as a higher basic salary, car allowance, 2 brand new suits per year, and a cleaner that comes to our flat once a week! I couldn’t believe that would possible as a my previous jobs you would pick up your basic salary and qualify for a bonus (if you were lucky!)

My favourite thing about the company is that they really do look after us. Protect Line isn’t like other companies where hard work doesn’t go un-noticed, they reward us for going above and beyond in our daily roles which ultimately provides me with a better lifestyle outside of work. Working here is all about dedication to getting the job done and with the right attitude and willingness to learn you can’t go far wrong.

I have now worked for Protect Line for 5 years and I have now learned the importance of working as a team towards the same goals and having aspirations towards the same achievements. Previously I was very narrow sighted towards my own individual aspirations but working here is more than that, working together we achieve a better outcome and this definitely helps working with people who have the same mindset and like-mindedness.