Alex – Senior Specialist Underwriting Executive

2 years ago I was brand new in sales and brand new in the company, I’d just become a dad so had a huge amount to learn in & out of work! As always, once I’d been successful in sales for a year I wanted to try something slightly new. All it took was one conversation with our Head of Sales and I was looking at working on our Specialist Underwriting Team, to deal with clients who need cover but have had some quite severe medical conditions. This didn’t take any red tape or months of filling in forms, just one chat and I had the option of a new role.

Fast forward a year after that to where we are today, and after quadrupling our team’s monthly result I am the Senior of our Specialist Underwriting Team and have a vast medical knowledge (I could even tell you what things like choledocholithiasis and aphthous stomatitis are!)

The challenge I found hardest in the company is that it is quite a demanding job & the hours can take it out of you, but in the 2 years I’ve been here I’ve been able to buy my family our first house & completely refurbish it, raise my son to be a happy little boy and we’ve just booked our first family holiday in the sun! My other half doesn’t have to work full time either, meaning she can be there more for our son.

A lot of companies claim to offer progression and from experience this is rarely true, however I’d like to think my story is evidence enough to prove you can really go places here.

All I can say is if you have a genuine desire to do well and succeed whilst working hard, Protect Line is where you should be – success definitely does not go unnoticed here.